Thomas J. Machi, Jr., Owner

Store Phone: 707-986-7733

Gift Shop Phone: 707-986-7326

Fax: 707-986-7739

Mini Storage Phone: 707-986-7732


Store Location on Google Maps: 7272 Shelter Cove Road, Shelter Cove, CA 95589

Please Note: Because Zip Code 95589 is officially affiliated with the Whitethorn, CA Post Office, some online mapping programs or smart phones may require the use of 7272 Shelter Cove Road, Whitethorn, CA 95589 in order to properly locate the store.



From the North (Highway 101):

1. Take Exit 642 for Redway (exit ramp becomes Redwood Drive).
2. Proceed 2.0 miles into Redway
3. Proceed to Step 3 below…

From The South (Highway 101):

1. Take Exit 639B (2nd Garberville Exit) and turn left at the stop sign onto Redwood Drive.
2. Proceed 2.6 miles into Redway
3. Proceed to Step 3 below…

Getting to the General Store from Redway…

3. Upon entering Redway, turn right onto the Briceland-Thorn Road at the north end of town and head west (eventually     becomes Shelter Cove Road).
4. Continue on the Briceland-Thorn Road, keeping to the left at the Ettersburg turnoff, 10.1 miles from Redway.
5. Continue 2.1 miles to the intersection of Whitethorn Road and Shelter Cove Road. Just stay to your right (following the “Shelter Cove” signs) and you’re on Shelter Cove Road!
6. Continue on Shelter Cove Road for 7.0 miles. 
7. Watch for the  “General Store” sign and our store on the left.